onsdag 22 juli 2009

More work done

Okay, not really close to a playable version yet, but feels like it's almost halfway there ;)

In my previous post is all the code so far, almost all of it written today... it's evolved into quite a program, I do say!

Some explanation of what it does: The program below lets you play around a little bit with the mechanics in the game - the user can move rows of blocks either to the left or right, and if this results in any "gaps" in the stack of blocks it will collapse appropriately.

As the observant reader might have already noticed, there are no graphics modules loaded - the game is, as of now, played only in the Python shell. Moving the rows of blocks is accomplished by typing which row you want to move, and wheter you want to move it left ("l") or right ("r"). As you can see it's still pretty spartan at this point.

Anyway, next thing to implement is the function for determining if a row of blocks should be cleared or not - arranging blocks in the same colour in rows of three makes the blocks disappear and adds to the player's score. Creating "chain reactions" this way - clearing blocks in a way that result in more blocks being cleared - gives the player bonus points. Getting these "chain reactions" will be the main challenge of the game, and creating clever block setups will hopefully be as fun and rewarding as getting a huge combo in Tetris Attack, another game I've ripped off been inspired by ;)

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